4 Disney Princesses You Wish Lived Next Door

Best sipped with: 

1. Snow White

 Ms. White according to her fairytale mirrors her to be the ultimate baddie. "The fairest of them all" remember. And in addition to being a dime piece, the chick is homie material. She lived with and kept it real with SEVEN dwarfs. Good looking and down to earth? Damn son where'd you find this one?

2. Belle

This Princess is a baddie without saying and she's actually unbothered by it. Belle is described to be smart and unconcerned with looks. Which is all fitting because she does fall in love with a Beast. I can't speak for you but I need a neighbor that won't judge me. 

3. Pocahontas

One word… REAL. Pocahontas is the first Disney princess to be based off of a real person and let's not forget that she's a woman of color. *raises tea cup* This lovely lady not only resembles power but have you seen her inches?! Definitely need to live next door so I can ask who supplies her bundles.

 4. Mulan

Boosie Badazz would approve of this princess because she's I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. On top of being selfless and fearless for going to war to protect her father, Mulan is extremely quick-witted. This warrior went to battle knowing absolutely nothing and came out of combat the best soldier. Move to my neighborhood Mulan, I need protecting!

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