Black People Who Demean Black People

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Following the flawless 2016 BET Humanitarian Award acceptance speech by Jesse Williams, I feel more woke than ever. In addition to being wide awake I'm rocking my Black Lives Matter phone case, I'm dismissing anyone who mistakes my name for Tomi and I've included myself with many across the globe who want to establish change.

While it's amazing how magical and connected we can be, it’s important to not weaken that connection with condescending jokes or negative commentary on our people. Just the other day AT WORK I overheard a black man dishonor all black women.

"…you think that's crazy?" he asked his friend in the office. "You must not've met a black woman before. She'll show you crazy and then just be angry all day!"

Yup… a black man said that. I felt extremely confused. Kinda like the first time I heard Foxy Brown's math on Nas' Affirmative Action. Things clearly weren't adding up.

Even if that man was simply just joking, does the guy he was telling that to know that? All he would have to say is, "well my black friend said it so it must be true." 

And EVEN if he was only joking, what does that say about his humor? Oh insulting your mom, daughter and the mother of your daughter brings laughter to your life? Odd.

Look it's simple, if you're apart of the movement who wants equality, justice and overall change for your people it's in your best interest NOT to make ignorant, devaluing comments about your people. And tbh the LAST thing we need is a Trump supporter overhearing a comment like that and running with it.

So here’s the last sip, quit the shit (self-hate), uplift others and don't be afraid to call out the black people who demean black people. 

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