Ctrl Shift Tea: Getting Your Shit Back Together

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2016 is the year of getting our shit together. Remember back in January you made all those promises to glo up and then around April you said "F it." Well, I don't fault you for quitting but it's time you start back up again.

Hi, I'm Tami your life coach and below are 4  ways to getting your shit back together like ctrl-shift-t.

1. Break free or Clamp down

Experiment, be adventurous or you may be the person who needs to get a planner and a schedule app because you've been functioning spontaneously and it's getting you into mess after mess.

2. Evaluate your surroundings

Should you be friends with those people? Is your job making you miserable? Tired of rocking the same hair style? Evaluate and edit.

3. Stop setting expectations (resentment)

Expectations lead to resentment. You're not Beyonce. You can't turn lemons into an amazing album.

4. Get energy/ motivation

Get that blood pumping in your body. Have a great breakfast, listen to a motivational speech on Youtube and conquer the world. I know you want to.

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