Does anyone love the black woman?

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Who is left to love the black woman?

Who is left to award the black woman?

And in the least, who is left to appreciate the black woman?

Did you know according to a 2009 survey over 70% of black women stated they've never been married? Kind of odd seeing how black women are constantly fetishized for their attributes. Or did you know that over 65% of higher education accolades are awarded to black women? Yet black women have admitted to feeling and being treated virtually invisible in corporate america. Or did you realize that year after year and time after time non-black women are praised and profit from having black women features? Yet I can't recall a time where those very same people paid homage to black women.

Seems to me that black women need a lot more credit, admiration and most importantly, a lot more respect. Black women are the secret woman of every man's dreams. The largest holder of higher education. And all around contributor to history. They don't get the endearment they deserve and need. Be one to change that because black women are tired of being the only ones loving black women.

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