Drinking Positivi(tea)

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Last night I got to thinking, negativity weighs a lot. Being the Regina George of the group and pointing out the flaws in everything gets tiresome and getting bags under your eyes is not cute. And yes, we hear it time and time again to be positive and to be optimistic but for a person like me that can be easier said than done.  But I came to the realization that if I really want to live a happy life it's time to lighten up, smell some roses and see the good in things.

Thinking positively can go a long way and even though it's not always easy, it is pretty simple. Whenever you feel your inner Whitley Gilbert poking through just count to ten and clear your head. It's just that simple but the hard part is remembering to do so. It can be so easy to let the asshole in you consume you but pause, rub your temples and count to ten. Voila!

And if that doesn't work here's another simple trick. Hang out with people that are positive. Normally I'd find these people to be annoying or extra but you really are the company you keep. Ask them what keeps them lifted and pick up on their vibes because this will truly make a world of difference.

So raise your tea cup… Here's to getting the happy life we want and letting all things negativity exit stage left.

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