Faking It in the Office

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Let's be real, we're all trying to move up the totem pole at work. We all want to be able to be the baller, shot-caller. Even if we may not be fully qualified to do so...

Below are four ways to faking it in the office to land yourself that spot at the top of the food chain.

1. Look Important

The most obvious way to looking like a boss is dressing like a boss. But if buying a new wardrobe isn't in your budget, adding some office supplies and accessories to your work area can still get the job done. Get a nice coffee mug. Even if it's filled with apple juice you still look BOSS. Also, post a calendar with 90% of the dates filled. Busy people are important. DUH! 

And another tip to looking valuable to your POE is typing at a steady pace. "Look at me! I know my home keys!"


2. Keep Up With Headlines

Go online and read what’s trending on twitter. Surf popular news sites and skim the headlines. Doing this will keep you in the know of things but will also make things easier for breaking the ice around the office and sliding into conversations. Believe it or not, water-cooler talk can be beneficial.


3. Be Fun

 "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool" and you should be the cool employee. Don't over do it but be the guy that people want to check in on because you're so awesome to be around.


4. Show No Fear

Make eye-contact. Shake hands. Kiss babies. Just do the things that people are too scared or shy to do. Make your presence known and your voice heard. So stop actin' scary and ask your boss about that potential promotion.

Tell them Tami sent you ;)


What are some other ways you fake it in the office? Share below.

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