I Need It | TWT World Premiere

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When speaking with rap artist SHVMVN (shaw-man) mid February, I could tell he was excited. There was talk about new music being made and the excitement around it felt different from previous times. He had something up his sleeve. Something personal to share. And fortunately, TWT was able to gain the exclusive.

Feeding into my intuition, SHVMVN laid his intimate thoughts out for everyone to hear on his newest single I NEED IT. Sometimes our vices and our pride gets the best of us and we're unable to see the important things we need. Not everyone will, but SHVMVN has pin point his needs and is now dedicated to getting what he deserves.

Below, SHVMVN shares his thoughts surrounding making I NEED IT.

"I wrote this song in one of the darkest places in my mind. This song is a direct message to myself to remind myself that I do, in fact, need LIFE. Throughout the song I list quite a few materialistic things, but in thought I am considering the feelings and emotions that these things bring to me; or what I imagine them to. I don't need these things to have a healthy and comfortable life but I have bigger goals for myself. I NEED (want) a lifestyle fit for a king. The most important part of this song to me is from 1:15 to 1:45 where I address that what I need most is not advice but competition and confidence. The only competition I see is myself because I am my biggest enemy and my mind plays a huge part in it. I NEED CONFIDENCE more than anything else in life right now because I believe that if I radiated as much confidence as I did as a younger artist, I would have much more than I deserve. It's time to resurrect that confidence and take what I believe is mine and I need it now." -SHVMVN

Born in Louisiana and now a Texas resident, this 24-year-old rapper is ready to pave his own lane and live his life to it's potential. And I definitely see potential in SHVMVN's creativity ability.

Humbled and honored to announce the VERY FIRST TWT WORLD PREMIERE | I NEED IT X SHVMVN.


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