Insecure is here

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The lord has answered our prayers and delivered Issa Rae's Insecure early on HBO GO. You can now log on to HBO GO and get an exclusive look at the first episode.

Issa Rae has created many web series over the years and her #BlackGirlMagic talents are now on television! Within the first episode of Insecure you'll experience relatable humor, awkward situations and of course diversity. Oh and let's not forget a great soundtrack. You'll hear music from Childish Gambino, JUNGLE PUSSY, TT the Artist AND get a laughable, live performance from Issa Rae herself.

Insecure is a definite must see. Stay tuned after the credits in episode one to get a peek into what's to come in the season.

Episode 2 of Insecure premieres October 16th.

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