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The young man decided to take a journey. A journey of self discovery. And along the way he grew through an evolution of music interest.

Meet: JIDE. (Pronounced G-day) The 22-year-old half Nigerian, half Houstonian. Humbled by his experiences in Nigeria, JIDE found appreciation in the possibilities in America.

JIDE always had a love for music and it originated from instruments. Growing up playing the drums and piano, he gradually moved into making beats. After making beats for some time he naturally transitioned into recording and ever since it's been a GO.

Fast forward to now, JIDE has dropped his 1st project titled Now or Never. Six tracks with a sound JIDE has described as a melodic, auto-tune rap with substance. As you listen, you'll get lost in the groove and the vibe it'll put you in.

With hopes of touring across the United States, that dream may not be so far-fetched. Remaining focused on perfecting his craft in rapping and producing, his goals may come easily completed. For starters, just months ago JIDE accomplished the goal of performing for the first time EVER.

Find JIDE on all platforms and listen to his latest project Now or Never below.


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