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JMAC the Dragon graduated with a master's degree in Philosophy December of 2017. And just a few months later, he's more focused than ever on his music goals. The Texas rapper discovered his potential in rap music during his undergraduate college days and witnessing his growth since then has only encouraged him to keep pushing.

The 24-year-old has just released his 7th project POINT OF VIEW and in this body of work he committed to challenging his creativity. "This was probably the hardest thing I've written for," he told me. "In this one I'm telling stories from a lot of different voices and people will get to hear other point of views"

What's loved most about JMAC the Dragon is his self-motivation. Him valuing his musical journey and being firm on believing in his craft helped him discover his own rap name. As he witnessed his own natural elevation in life and has grown in confidence, he compares it to having the spirit of a dragon.

Despite already being on his 7th project and jokingly calling himself a local legend, he knows there's still a lot more to accomplish. "Next big step is streaming," he says. "I want to widen my audience and truly be able to pay the bills from rapping."

Describing his sound as conscious sprinkled with a bit trap, JMAC the Dragon encourages you to tune in. And as he displays honesty, creativity and confidence in his longevity, I too encourage you to tune in.

Listen to JMAC the Dragon's latest project, POINT OF VIEW below.

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