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He relaxes under an umbrella of talent. Singer. Rapper. Writer. Producer. And it's one thing to want to be known internationally but to create international music is another.

Meet: KHAWAJA. The 21-year-old self taught guru born in Karachi, Pakistan. With an appreciation for all music, KHAWAJA finds passion in learning "everything [he] can artistically."

" an artist I want to master all [of] my abilities." - KHAWAJA

Although loyal to hip hop and r&b, KHAWAJA describes his sound as a mix of many genres. Showcasing his versatility, he also makes music in different languages. A jack of all sounds.

/' kha waja / lord

With two projects under his belt (CIVILWAR and LOSTTIME) he's just getting started. He holds big aspirations of the world knowing his music and being moved by his words.

"Knowing my art can have an impact in someone's life means the world to me" -KHAWAJA

All of the potential, ambition and skill is there and now we wait for his next execution.

Follow KHAWAJA @KhawajaOnRepeat and listen to his God's Plan Remix below.


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