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Lona. aka Lona. The Don is in it to be the best. The 20-year-old rapper has been writing songs since he was 10 and he's now working on what he says will be his "staple project."

Born and raised in Houston, TX Lona. says he was the kid that was always different. Before, he had limited words and a small circle but now he's coming into his own. 

Using his musical background of playing the saxophone, Lona. carries a passion for his sound and his vision.

"It's abstract and melodic," he told me. "It's concept music."

And after exploring his music I'd say his description is spot on. In addition, his content varies keeping you intrigued. You can tell he wants to expand in his versatility.

Although very passionate about music, Lona's talents don't stop at rapping. He currently works toward a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in journalism.

"I plan to get into screenwriting and directing," he said. "Even acting if possible."

Lona. is an artist with a lot of goals and aspirations for himself. And with Lona. meaning 'man from water,' he plans to live up to the strength of his name.

Take a dive and listen to Lona's 4th and latest project MOMENT'S NOTICE below.

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