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Music found him when he needed it to the most. Things in life started falling into place and it felt as if it was the doing of the marvels of the world. A true divine intervention.

Meet: PAT DEVINE. The 23-year-old rapper from the suburbs of Wheaton, IL. Growing up in an area that scoffs at the idea of rapping taught PAT to care less of what people thought of him. "It's my hometown so I got love for it [still],'' he said. "It's [just] hard being a creative from there."

Although from a predominately white suburb, things weren't easy growing up. Dealing with microaggressions and racism was common for PAT. "Being black in Wheaton meant you can't go anywhere without cops making a U-turn," he said.

Growing up just 30 minutes outside of Chicago, it was natural for PAT to be inspired by Kanye West. Having a mother who loved festivals, PAT got lucky and was able to get in on the music scene early. He still remembers seeing Kanye like it was yesterday live at Lollapalooza ten years ago.

PAT DEVINE prides himself on his rap flow. Being able to ride the beat in a specific or different type of way keeps things interesting for him. He's also dedicated to making an unique sound for himself. "If [people] say I sound like Pat Devine then it's mission accomplished," he said.

PAT is aware of the work it'll take to pop in the music industry but he's up for the challenge. "It's just hard work and chess moves."

One of his main goals in music is to be signed. In addition, he wants to be able to help and uplift while staying true to himself. "I want to be able to make music that helps people cope with whatever they're going through," he said.

PAT DEVINE recently released his debut project titled Rough Draft and it's apparent that he has plenty of potential.

Listen to Rough Draft below.


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