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Passion came at an early age. People in her area were growing up fast and heavy, life decisions were constantly being made. Shannon knew soon in life what she was destined for and her upbringing is to thank for that.

Meet: SHANNON SIONNA. The 23-year-old singer, song writer, dancer, actress and all-around soul sista. Bilal would be intrigued. Pulling from idols ranging from Jill Scott to Jhene Aiko, SHANNON identifies her musical sound as neo-soul/funk. Falling in love with music that "makes us feel."

SHANNON started pursuing a career in music in 2013 when she created the first official acapella group at Texas State University named "The Echoes ACapella.” In 2015, she went on to release her first mixtape titled The Sionna Project. SHANNON now finds herself eager for the next move.

With aspirations that stretch miles, SHANNON shares her goals. "My goal is to become a touring artist [and] eventually I would like to win a Grammy," she said. She went on to mention that before she passes she'd like to see the Broadway stage. A known and intense arena for performing.

SHANNON SIONNA is determined to bring passion back to music. As time progresses, she sees beautiful lyrics fading and impact dwindling in upcoming generations. Since the age of 8 she's been wanting to entertain but more so incite.

SHANNON wants you to join her on a journey in perfecting her craft and reaching her goals. She also encourages everyone to take the time to get to know themselves and what they want out of life. "I just want people to truly know themselves," she said. "Be awakened by our surrounding and universe."

If you're feeling the vibes and the passion, find SHANNON SIONNNA on Soundcloud to check out her latest efforts.

Also follow her on Instagram to get an up-close look into her adventures.

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