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Have you ever seen the movie "What's the Worst That Can Happen?" starring legend Martin Lawrence? Well in the movie there's a character by the name of Shelly Nix. He's known to be a computer hacker and tech wizard with a mischievous behavior. All things SHELLY KNICKS sees in himself.

Meet: SHELLY KNICKS. The 24-year-old alternative rapper who grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "Living there, the cold was miserable," SHELLY said. An obvious push that led him to be grounded in Texas.

Priding himself on his honesty in his music, SHELLY compares it to an offering. "It feels like I'm sacrificing myself in my music," he said. "I'm willing to forfeit my privacy in order to influence others."

As mentioned before, SHELLY KNICKS is an alternative rapper. Meaning, the sub-genre is 'other.' Indie influenced, SHELLY uses trippy instrumentals; dope visuals and telling lyrics. And to keep the alternative mindset going, he also holds an atypical viewpoint on receiving criticism. "I'm such a hip hop enthusiast that I DO care what people think," he willingly admitted. "We ARE the culture and I want to know what the culture is saying."

On top of being a rapper, SHELLY KNICKS is too a videographer, vlogger and graphic designer. Oh, AND he has dance moves, surpassing being just a triple threat.

Find SHELLY KNICKS on Soundcloud and listen to his two projects Buckets and Swim Camp.

Also check out his brand new music video Internet Rapper below.


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Shot and edited. @iamPSDNYM

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