#tbt because the internet: album review

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Original publish date: 12/21/2013

Because the Internet allowed me to respect Childish Gambino beyond many other rappers in the game but (and there’s always a but) BTI left me underwhelmed. I’ve read many other reviews that say BTI is very deep and has hidden meaning but I just don’t get it.

Because the Internet sounds amazing. Listening, I was taken on a roller coaster of vibes and energy. In one minute I’d feel joyful and in the next minute I’d feel melancholy. I felt the different emotions throughout the different instrumentals and I praise Gambino for these selections.

Lyrically, BTI fell short. Gambino is very clever and very witty and that did show to an extent but Gambino didn’t express the album cover nor album title in his lyrics in detail. Gambino, your album is called Because the Internet! What is because the internet? Where are the connections? Yes, we got WORLDSTAR and some nice metaphors that connect life to internet terms but what’s the purpose? Should I approach the internet differently? We need more than just failed love stories Gambino!

I respect Childish Gambino beyond many other rappers in the game because he managed to successfully execute a different side to him again. BTI sounds nothing like ROYALTY yet they both sound incredible. Gambino managed to create something Kanye West wanted to do. Kanye wanted to push the envelope and show a different side to him but for Kanye it didn’t read as genuine and sonically it was too much. BTI is fitting to Gambino.

The project as a whole showed another side to Gambino but some tracks individually sounded like the main side to Frank Ocean. Channel Orangesounds like an inspiration to TELEGRAPH AVE and DEATH BY NUMBERS which is okay but I of course have to give more credit to the main artist, not the re-creator.

As for Childish Gambino’s script, that is suppose to be read with the album as a soundtrack, adds no big meaning to BTI. Gambino did stretch his artistic skills by reminding us he is a story telling, script writing comedian but the story line was lackluster. I appreciate the effort but it really wasn’t needed.

I’m thankful for Childish Gambino giving the public a great sounding album but I do wish the album would of been a lot more meaningful. He gave us an album cover with so much emotion in his eyes yet all he told us was that love is complicated.

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