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Original publish date: 12/25/2013

I’ve always been against calling Beyonce “Queen” because she hadn’t musically impacted my life in any way nor seem to be amazingly innovative. And even though I’m still not too crazy on calling her Queen, I am gladly giving Bey credit where it’s due.

Not only releasing a self titled album out of the blue with no promo, Bey added a special addition. Bey generously and strategically released a full length album with visuals attached. Exclusively released on iTunes, Bey delivered 14 songs and 17 music videos. Resurrecting motivation in consumers to buy an album.

Beyonce felt genuine. Past projects by Bey were of course relatable and sometimes emotion provoking but this time around her songs felt real. There were fewer generic love songs and more personal, promiscuous, honest songs. And in no way am I saying she hasn’t done that before but she hasn’t done it for a full project.

In addition to Beyonce being personal, promiscuous and honest it was also a tribute. I have never before seen or heard Bey rep Houston, Texas as much as she did on this album. Opening with visual one PRETTY HURTS wearing a sash reading “Miss 3rd Ward,” stacking countless Houston rapper cameos in visual six NO ANGEL and singing on a Houston-type beat in visual 13 FLAWLESS. Bey showed a new since of pride for her hometown and I loved it. Mostly because I’m from Texas too.

Popular songs on Beyonce consist of Bey’s dirty talk. On DRUNK IN LOVE we were provided fun and silly dirty metaphors of Bey and Jay having drunken sex. From “graining on that wood” with a “surfboard” to “serving all this good good.” But wait there’s more… On BLOW Bey insists on you licking her “skittles” and that they’re “sweetest in the middle.” And in case you were wondering… “Pink, that’s the flavor.”

Talk about naughty!

Visual favorites of mine out of the 17 are: PRETTY HURTS, HAUNTED, YONCE, ROCKET, FLAWLESS & HEAVEN.

Song favorites out of the 17 are: NO ANGEL, PARTITION, ROCKET, MINE & FLAWLESS.

Song dislikes out of the 17 are: JEALOUS & SUPERPOWER. JEALOUS fell a little short with the verse’s delivery. It felt too much like a flat conversation. And SUPERPOWER was a little sleepy. But you gotta love Frank Ocean though.

There are little to no skip-able songs and Bey managed to set record sales on iTunes with no promotion needed. Beyonce is a piece of art and worth the purchase.

Thank you Bey for getting gritty and letting it all loose on this album. Now all there’s left to do is redeem yourself on the big screen from your bad acting.

What…?  Was it something I said? ;)

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