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Original publish date: 9/16/2012

The album CAMP is finally here and I know some of you out there are contemplating on if the wait was worth it. CAMP is brought to us by the rapper Childish Gambino (formally known as Donald Glover) and it’s his first studio album.

Fun Fact: Donald Glover is also known under the name “mcDJ” when he produces and Dj’s.

First things, first Childish Gambino got crazy props before I even heard this Album mostly because he has created a buzz and has created a great catalog of music over the past couple of years. (I advise you check out his older work before you listen to CAMP)

CAMP consists of many highs, lows, upbeats, lowbeats, comedic lines, and as well as serious lines. Listening to CAMP was a breath of fresh air mostly because Childish Gambino displays content and a story that I can relate to. Childish Gambino isn’t your typical cough syrup sipping, pistol toting, my daddy use to beat me rapper and it’s about time a rapper comes out and highlights struggles that aren’t about growing up in the hood.

If you’re looking for an upbeat dance song, CAMP has it (Track 6 & 8: Heartbeat & L.E.S.). If you’re looking for a conscious and full of content song, CAMP has it (Track 1 & 2: Outside & Firefly). And if you’re looking for a hard hitting, punch line rap song, CAMP has it (Tracks 3 & 11: Bonfire & You See Me).

CAMP is exactly what the Hip Hop game needs and guess what?…. It just got it!

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