#tbt doris album review

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Original publish date: 8/20/2013

The 19-year-old, Cali native Earl Sweatshirt has been looked at to be one of the best young rappers because of his creative lyrics and surrounding his self with a talented team. With taking a hiatus from rap for nearly 2 years due to having to attend boarding school in Samoa, Earl has finally blessed the streets with his debut album “Doris.” So the questions is… was the wait worth it?

Long story short, no. The wait was not worth it. Yes, Earl is good with the rhymes but the energy on the album fell flat. Earl typically raps over mellow beats and presents a monotone cadence and again, that’s what we got on “Doris.”  And if you ask me, that gets old real quick.

The fact that I have so much hope in young Earl helped me get through all of “Doris.” If this would of been any other rapper, I would of called this album boring and a lackluster. I sometimes forgot Earl was rapping and at times I was confused on what the songs were even about. I anticipated a variety of sound on this album because of the good amount of time he had to work on it yet it just all sounded the same.

Overall, the features were decent, the beats were forgettable and the rhymes were just okay.  "Doris" is easily forgettable. I’m hoping Earl finds his self soon to make a better balanced album next go around.

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