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Original publish date: 10/13/2013

I’m a show goer. I’m a supporter of live art but what frustrates me is the lack of knowledge artists have before they step onto a stage. Performing your own song seems like a piece of cake and sometimes it will be but for the most part, valuable information and practice is needed to at least be decent.

Below are a few helpful, basic tips for hip hop performers:

  1. There’s levels to this shit. Check your levels! Having your music way louder than you (or vice versa) can ruin your whole performance right off the bat.
  2. Ummm Hello! Acknowledge the crowd. People came to see you so let them know you appreciate them. (This also goes to performers who love to look down. Stop that shit.)
  3. Be a Boss. Have confidence. Shy people make things awkward and the last thing you want is an uncomfortable crowd. Uncomfortable crowds leave.
  4. Come Correct. Have a train of thought. Winging too much stuff on stage makes you look like an amateur. Amateurs are at the bottom of the totem pole.
  5. DO NOT CUP THE MIC. Do you want people to hear you clearly? Then don’t cup the mic. (This tip is performing 101 & some of you all still do this. STOP.)
  6. Be Live. Do not rap over your recorded lyrics. People attend live shows to see live performances. Give the people what they want because if you don’t, word will get out that you’re whack.
  7. No Extras. Too many people on stage gets distracting. Do you want people to watch your performance or your homie behind you who can’t dance?
  8. Limited S/Os. Yes, the people who helped you get to where you are in your career should get some recognition but remember, the audience doesn’t know Ray Ray who drove you to the show. The audience barely knows your name don’t confuse them with more.

Using these tips will benefit a performer just enough to make them decent, the rest is on them.

Now go out and be decent young grasshopper!

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