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Original publish date: 3/2/2015

Dripped in gold, Houston native Aye Cue predicts his future to be royalty. From iPhone to iPhone I was able to indulge into the come-up of the young rapper who speaks with the cadence of a precise individual. As words spilled through my end of the connection I grew hopeful for his path and everything he promised to deliver.

Phone calls have grown to be a nuisance for communication now-a-days but from start to finish the conversation had with 22-year-old Aye Cue -whose real name is Jade Lewis- was everything but that. Although not widely known, the rapper casually informed me of the three projects that he has in the making and that he doesn’t plan to come short from success within the next three years. Presuming achievement comes with the territory (hip hop being the most braggadocious genre of music) but Cue in exchange was able to balance that with reality and humility.

Residing in this game isn’t simple and for the most part it’s way too accessible to participate. The sport has become deluded and one being a true student of the genre could easily get discouraged by watching the maybe, undeserving. “People only want to rap now because it’s a trend or to make money.” Aye Cue preaches. “But in all reality, rap doesn’t make money… it’s what you do with rap that makes money.” Aye Cue declares. “This has been my passion for the past 11 years.”

Signing a deal at the age of 16 (which later fell through the cracks), Aye Cue got a taste of what could be. Debuting year 2011 officially in collaboration with rapper B.Star The Flight to Alcatraz was born then following two years later on solo experimental project Genre 2080: The Memoir of Aye Cue,Cue presented the range that he wants to possess. In addition to range, Cue claims to stand out by striving to be a black business owner to help others like himself that are on the come-up too get a slice of the pie.

After sporadically dropping songs on soundcloud and doing as many shows possible, Aye Cue has some ventures brewing that are soon to be served. Readily admitting currently holding a team leader position in a retail store Cue mentioned on the contrary that all of his free time since graduating from Texas State University (San Marcos) is going towards creating a four track EP (that he wants to uplift discouraged artists who may feel like their goals may never be reached), a full-length project produced all by creator G-Clef and building an artist and community outreach program called Sindicate Enterprises that he too wants to motivate talent the same way as his EP.

“I feel like there are a million other people like me.” Aye Cue mentions. “Although there isn’t another ‘Aye Cue,’ we all have potential to be Kings and Queens.” And I see exactly where he is speaking from. Cue wants us all to acknowledge the capability around the world wanting to convey their messages yet don’t have the resources or the motivation. “We all have the opportunity to reach our up-most potential.”

Hearing such conscious thoughts expressed about music, it was obvious that he had more to say. Openly, with much distress Cue touched on the 2015 Grammy Awards not giving props on-air to the most influential genre, fearing that more are to fall into the generalized sub-genre of “trap” and being frustrated with people jumping on the bandwagon of shunning Iggy Azalea without doing their research first. “But on the other hand, I do think Iggy needs to grow thicker skin.” Aye Cue advises. “Be ready for the repercussions when you’re taking from our culture.”

Before I end the conversation, Aye Cue praises the innovative and the projects from other artists he’s curious about. Enthused, Cue looks forward to Kendrick, Kanye, Vince Staples and Tory Lanez making waves in 2015. “I’m also impressed by the local San Marcos talent.” Aye Cue champions. “The artists here are slowly starting to come together and the rappers definitely on the rise are Kel, Don Curry and Casey Jay.”

Listening to this young rapper spill out much information on his journey and his thoughts only should amplify your curiosity of his future. Reassuring me on the career path he has chosen, “This is my plan A(ye), I find no need for a plan B… and at age 25 I’m gonna be on.” Aye Cue’s hunger is apparent, so it may be time for you to join the Aye Team.

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