#tbt MMLP2: Album Review

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Original post date: 11/9/2013

There’s always that one older guy that hangs out at college parties. Everyone loves and respects this guy because he’s been around the block a few times and is wise. But as time goes by the more he talks the more you think he isn’t so special, he’s out of place and overall has overstayed his welcome…

Welcome to Marshall Mathers LP 2.

As you enter you may expect the compilation to be a continuation of MMLP but MMLP2 isn’t a sequel. Some songs are related to MMLP but as a whole both projects come from two different worlds.

Tracks one, four, eleven and 15 are standout songs that tie in to MMLP. Bad Guy being a continuation of Stan. So Much Better having similar content and ending as Kill You. Stronger Than I Was being a level headed version of insight on his relationship with Kim. And Headlights being the mature continuation of Em’s thoughts towards his mother. I expected and wanted this for the whole album but instead we got a taste of something else.

Eminem gave us a lot of fillers. From song to song we’re presented with irrelevant, known and/or silly information. For example, on Survival Em informs us that he’s still fighting for the top spot and that he has ALMOST reached his goals. Now what kind of goals does Em have that he hasn’t reached yet?! This is the same guy who has a diamond album and is seen as one of the best rappers… EVER. Em, get out of here with all that fibbing.

Then on Legacy Em talks about overcoming hardships, obstacles and hurt to get to where his is now and how he’s determined to leave his legacy. Well thank you Em. We were so unaware of your life’s strife and oblivious to you leaving a name for yourself… What are we stupid? Did Em fall and bump his head and is now living in basic-land?

And for Asshole (which has a horrible beat), Em reminds us of how rude he is (because we had no clue) and attacks Asher Roth. Now… being politically incorrect and going at Asher won’t help add asshole cred to anyone’s career in ANY way. For Em to say “I’m going back to what got me here” I expected him to come a lot harder because what actually got him here wasn’t just pushing the envelope. Em use to tear, burn then bury the envelope.

Despite the basic-ness Eminem delivered on some tracks he did remind us that he has been around the block a few times and is wise. On Rap God, Em masters several types of flows and of course labels himself as the Rap God. My only complaint about the song is Em’s belief that calling himself a Rap God is original. He ends the song saying, “Why be a King when you can be a God…” but little does Em know is that everyone in the game right now is saying the exact same thing. Have you not heard of Yeezus Em?

On Brainless Eminem channels the great storyteller abilities we’ve known him to have. He paints the picture of his mom telling him that he’s brainless through different stages in life but manages to outsell his peers due to his creativity and imagination. Well done Eminem.

Em also shined on Evil Twin but I won’t go into detail because this review is getting lengthy.

Popular features on the album include Rihanna and Kendrick Lamar. “The Monster” featuring RiRi sounded like a Maroon 5 song. I would of very much preferred if it did belong to Maroon 5 because this pop sound matched with Em just doesn’t sit well with me.

“Love Game” featuring Kendrick disappointed me greatly first listen but has grown to be a favorite on the album. I of course wanted a toe-to-toe rap battle song but we instead got a humorous song about women playing games. Not at all what was expected but a great alternate.

There are six enjoyable tracks and the rest of the album is just tolerable.

Top six: Bad Guy, Rap God, Brainless, Love Game, Headlights and Evil Twin.

The fact that there’s so many skip-able songs just proves that it’s time for Eminem to leave the party. And no, I don’t mean for good but the next time he returns it should only be for a Hi & Bye.

Eminem, we love and respect you but it’s time to sit down. A Rap God doesn’t put out three so-so albums in a row. Em, go the Andre 3000 route and just randomly pop up. That screams “Rap God.”

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