#tbt Under Pressure Album Review

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Original publish date: 10/22/2014

Throughout your school days being the observer you are, you’d sit in the back of all of your classes and try to figure out your peers. And for the most part it was easy. Sydney was always emotional due to being boy crazy, Curtis was always tired because he had to take care of his younger siblings at night and Bobby… Bobby wasn’t so easy to read.

Bobby had a decent minimum wage job like everyone else and most assumed that’s why he always had bags under his eyes but being the observer you are, you knew better. He had a story to tell. And after years passing by he was able to share it with you.

Young, Broke, and Infamous Bobby finally let you in. He let you get a taste of his hardships and his mindset through his logic. He continued year after year as aYoung Sinatra to tell you his few dreams and many nightmares but you wanted more. You needed to know “what now?” You wondered after being to hell and back, “what kind of man was he today?”

And he has finally told you just that. Despite being Under Pressure Bobby aka Logic wasn’t going to let his background shape his future.

On the INTRO, through slight singing and stacked bars Logic let you know that he just wanted to live his dreams. He wasn’t going to let the expectations of others define his success. And although the singing set me back some, it was fitting because he wasn’t trying to seduce a woman nor did it feel forced. Logic was being genuine.

Going into SOUL FOOD I was a bit frustrated. Immediately recognizing the beginning as his Sway in the Morning freestyle the track felt a bit lack luster but when the beat switched up and new rhymes were delivered, Logic was back in tune. Following, I’M GONE felt easy. The track being the perfect ‘I want to just lay back’ soundtrack, Logic gave us lyrics about drinking, smoking and vibing.

Then the mood got eerie. Delivered with grit, Logic told us what it’s like to be GANG RELATED. We were told of the fears he had because of the hood that surrounded him and through his brother’s prospective told that this is the life that mad him. BURIED ALIVE, not being my favorite due to the content being something I’ve heard many times before, mirrored the title of the track. Logic expressed being overwhelmed by his doubts of the industry, the intentions of others and battling the stress of wondering if he’ll survive.

BOUNCE, which sounds like the album’s “radio song,” reminded listeners that Logic and his crew have been putting in work long before making it on the XXL list, the Hip Hop Awards Cypher and any other fame-related medium. GROWING PAINS III, which is a continuation of I and II from mixtapes Young, Broke and Infamous and Young Sinatra, added more imagery than before. With an added skit and a break down of Logic having a dream, you actually feel the pain that he speaks and grows from.

Giving off the Sinatra vibe with the instrumentation used, Logic on NEVER ENOUGH let us know straight up that what he does will never be enough. The track is a great motivation to others because it stresses to never stop striving but falls short of standing out.

Sampling Kendrick Lamar’s SING ABOUT ME, Logic sums up the many things on his mind on METROPOLIS. With not much of a defined topic I almost wrote this track off as being a non-favorite but was then surprised at the end of the song with an intriguing connection between Logic and a woman as they shared a conversation about his love for Tarantino movies. The conversation felt so genuine.

NIKKI, who gets mentioned many times throughout album, finally has her identity revealed. Logic raps about being a slave to nicotine in a very dark and honest way. Logic admits to knowing that this addiction could kill him but informs us that he still needs her in his life. We all have our vices which makes this song relatable to the average person who feels empty without a certain something.

Moving towards the completion of the album Logic gives us all of him in one track. On UNDER PRESSURE Logic with fierce spits hard hitting lyrics that informs us that he plans to kill everything in sight and plans to ignore irrelevant outside noise despite having his worries about what might come with success. Then the beat breaks down into sampling Kendrick Lamar’s SING ABOUT ME once again and in a very GKMC way Logic opens up about a sister, his father and a brother through voice mail messages left by each of them. Logic’s transparency allowed the track to be effortlessly amazing.

TILL THE END being the outro track wrapped up the album perfectly. Touching on his past, present and future Logic makes you feel like a proud parent on the song’s bob-worthy beat. As the track breathes you can feel the growth of Logic’s career and as the track ends on an uplifting and confident note you can only predict that Logic is bound to move in an positive direction in life.

Under Pressure does have a bold production, redundant story lines and predictable vibes but in reality it’s exactly what we asked for. We asked Logic to take a risk, tell his story and be him at the end of the day and he did just that with some gems along the way. Gems mentioned include fun facts about Logic scattered throughout the album from a woman named Thalia and Logic’s ability to paint a solid picture of strife.

Being the kid that always observed others in class and continues to do so through many other settings, you know not everyone with hardships like Bobby gets a success story. And after being able to learn Bobby’s inner makings and outer intentions you’re left believing that this young man will receive nothing but greatness because he deserves it.

Top six: Gang Related, Bounce, Growing Pains III, Nikki, Under Pressure and Till the End.

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