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South by Southwest (SXSW) is officially here! I've been fortunate enough to join in on SXSW festivities in the past as a press badge holder but if you're unfamiliar to the week-long extravaganza I'll elaborate. It's essentially a big showcase of talent. Talent ranging from Film, Music, Interactive and Education. Amazing, right? In addition to all that amazingness there can also be chaos. Fights, long lines, canceled shows and horrible parking. But that's cool because Auntie Tami got you covered with a TWT SXSW Survival Guide to get you through the festivities having the best time.

Have A Plan

Having a plan in anything will relieve stress, so this tip may be obvious but it's necessary. Plan ahead by downloading the official SXSW schedule, creating your own personal itinerary, obtaining a map for the SXSW area and having points of contact just in case shit gets real.

Stay Fueled

It's easy to get excited or overwhelmed by SXSW to the point where you forget about your basic needs. Basic needs being: food, water and battery life. It's essential to bring water, snacks and a portable phone charger. Don't let your thirst for artists get the best of you and leave you hungry, dehydrated and dying.

Be Aware

Being aware is another obvious tip but it's one that often goes forgotten. Be aware of your surroundings, the weather and the distance from location-to-location. Use common sense and steer clear from the crazies, dress for the weather if possible and bring a mini umbrella AND learn of the distance from event-to-event to allow yourself plenty of travel time.

Bonus tip: Wear comfortable, walking shoes. Long lines suck.

Stay Connected

Use your online resources and follow SXSW accounts, join email lists for exclusives and secret deals AND connect with the artists you want to see. They may agree to an impromptu meet and greet.

SXSW 2018 is going to be one for the books. Comment below on your schedule plans for SXSW.

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