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Introducing.. Tea with Tami BOOK CLUB (#TWTBC)

Book clubs weren't common in my upbringing as an avid reader so I won't shame anyone for not knowing what one is. According to wikipedia "a book club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book or books that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc."

Pretty straight forward AND a great way to not let our minds go to waste because that would just be.. terrible. HA!

So how does #TWTBC work? 

Well the 1st Tuesday of each month a new book will be introduced and each Tuesday after that will have a discussion topic. Discussion topics will be geared towards actions in the book (duh) BUT non readers are still welcomed to join in on the conversation. Also to mention, the theme for #TWTBC is BLACK. Authors, characters, lives, opinions, experiences. All BLACK. And ALL genres are welcomed. Because let's face it, we're everywhere and we shouldn't limit ourselves to one type of literature.

So where does #TWTBC meet? 

Well there's two locations.. One place is here: At the bottom of each blog post is a comments section. On Tuesday come to the site, find the newest #TWTBC blog and join the discussion. The second place is Twitter. Searching the hashtag "#TWTBC" you'll find the same discussion topic for the week posted and twitter users will be able to comment. Lots of threads to look forward!

"Okay... so when does it start?"

The answer is NOW! The first book added to the club is...... THEY CAN'T KILL US ALL by Wesley Lowery.

Since we're just kicking things off we'll be discussing this book till the end of November but after that you'll have to step your reading game up homie. This also gives you plenty of time to pay those library fees too and I only mention this because I actually had to. HA!

Next Tuesday, book one to #TWTBC will be formally introduced and our first discussion topic will be October 24th.

Happy reading! And make sure to sip tea in between chapters ;)

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