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Welcome to #TWTBC Book 1 | Talk 4.

In this talk we'll be going over chapters four, five AND six (pages 129- 220) of the title They Can't Kill Us All by Wesley Lowery. If you haven't read up to page 220 (the end), take a moment to finish then meet us where you found us.

Chapter FOUR dives into the unjust death of Freddie Gray. This chapter continues to shine a light on the hostile and fatal treatment of police officers in black communities. Unfortunately this type of treatment has gone on so long that some have even become desensitized to it. The relationship between law enforcement and the black community is very different from the white community. This is something that obviously needs to change but won't if we never acknowledge that this treatment is NOT normal.

Chapter FIVE we're reminded of the horrific 2015 massacre in a Charleston church. Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church with the intention of starting a race war because he view black Americans as a "plague that needed to be dealt with." There are others in America who share the same sentiments toward black people as Dylann Roof and that's one of the ugliest truths about our country.

Chapter SIX starts off putting a spotlight on the activists who have helped push this justice movement. Many have dedicated much time and effort to see through that our voices are heard. Wesley goes on to mention a great distinction that the people who fight for justice and chant Black Lives Matter are not rallying to justify crimes committed but to restore humanity and allow people to survive to meet our justice system.

What are your overall thoughts toward the author's voice and tone throughout the title?

After reading the title has your opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement changed? If so, how and why?

What should the next book be for TWT book club?

Share your thoughts below and don't forget to visit the hashtag #TWTBC on twitter too!

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