why you won't make it in hip hop

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A hip hop head is a true supporter of the four elements of hip hop and would love to see the culture grow as time progresses. I’d like to consider myself a Hip Hop head. I have my many opinions on the culture that helps voice the fact that I want nothing but success for the art form. And with that being said, I hope you read these next few paragraphs knowing that I want the Hip Hop culture to expand and succeed.

Everyone’s a rapper. Your classmate is a rapper, your cousin is a rapper and I’m sure there’s a kid somewhere working retail right now that’s dying to be a mainstream rapper. But here’s the thing, not all of those people will make it. They’ll make many mixtapes and perform at many shows and will still not make it and the reason being isn’t because they suck.

Does your cousin spit dope lyrics but just can’t catch a break? Or do YOU write the illest rhymes yet no one wants to listen to them?

Well, here are five reasons why you or they aren’t making it in Hop Hop:

5.       You don’t make good music. Believe it or not, music is bigger than lyrics. Don’t just rap over any beat and don’t just say anything in the chorus. Everything needs to be thought out. You could be the best lyricist in the world and still never get any shine. Sit down and plan out your songs because the songs that you make are their own bodies of work.

4.    You have no personality. The last thing I want to do is invest my time and money into a wet blanket. I’m aware that everyone isn’t cut out to be a comedian nor be the life of the party BUT you can smile every once in awhile and appear to be approachable. Looks aren’t everything but charisma is.

3.    You can’t take direction. I get it. You’re an artist and you’re sensitive about your shit but it won’t hurt to take a pointer or two. It is hard to take advice from people because you don’t always know what their intentions are but if everyone around you is saying you’ll sound amazing on a West Coast beat, just try it. It might be the introduction to your mainstream victory.

2.    You don’t have an open mind. Similar to number three, you aren’t willing to take risks. You aren’t willing to think outside of the box. Listen, I know stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t easy but think of the doors it could open. If you’ve been making the same type of music for years and nothing has yet to come of it, maybe it’s time to venture out. Think of some of your favorites and what they’ve done. Jay Z collaborated with Linkin Park, Slim Thug worked with Gwen Stefani and Nelly made a successful country song! And if genre crossing is too scary just switch up your flow.

1.       You don’t take your art seriously. If there isn’t any passion behind your music, there won’t be any passion for listeners to buy your music. If you look bored while performing your songs, the crowd will be bored listening to your songs. And if you don’t take the time to make your projects look and sound professional, well then you should just put down your music dreams for good because you obviously aren’t determined. Half-ass effort gets half-ass results.

Myself, along with many others want to see Hip Hop continue to grow and in order to do that artists within each element need to step their game up. Especially MCs.

Let’s come together, get it together and be the best culture and genre I know we are to be.

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