why you won't make it in hip hop pt. 2

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In part one of WHY YOU WON'T MAKE IT IN HIP HOP I shared 5 reasons as to why some rappers aren't "making it" in the hip hop game. Despite the negative tone to the title, the article was a deep dive of advice to a rapper's overall profile. The hip hop culture or the culture as I would put it is ever evolving BUT anyone contributing should enter the game with their best foot forward.

Everyone wants to be apart of the culture and I don't blame them. But you must come correct if you want to make it.

So does your cousin spit dope lyrics but just can’t catch a break? Or do YOU write the illest rhymes yet no one wants to listen to them?

Here's 5 MORE reasons why you or they aren’t making it in Hop Hop:

5.    YOU HAVE NO IDENTITY. Please don't tell me you're one of those LiL Trippie X God rappers who are all essentially the same person. Once you're lumped into a group of other artists your own name goes forgotten then the next thing you know you're being called a MUMBLE RAPPER. With the limited attention span of most people nowadays you have to stand out and be UNIQUE. Being you will get you A LOT further.

4.    WE DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! You just aren't making any sense. If your music is all over of the place so will your audience. Get steady topics for your songs and grip a train of thought. And it doesn't even have to be that deep. For example, we all know what THE RACE by Tay-K is about.

3.    YOU'RE JUGGLING TOO MUCH. Charlamagne the God made a good point the other day when mentioning Troy Ave's downfall. Charlamagne made the point that you can't be a rapper AND a gangster. There's too many responsibilities in both music and the streets and eventually you'll have to choose. Something Troy refuses to do. So, if you're REALLY serious about this hip hop shit you're going to have to stay in one lane. At least at first.

2.    YOU LACK MEDIA CONVERGENCE. In layman's terms, media convergence is taking advantage of the resources and different platforms you have to deliver your art. Not everyone is on Soundcloud. Not everyone is on Twitter. Etc. Sign up for every streaming service and social media site. You want to be EVERYWHERE. (But please don't confuse this with spamming. That shit is lame.)

1.    YOU HAVE NO CONFIDENCE. No one is going to buy what you're selling if you don't believe in the product. Sure you're an artist and you're sensitive about your shit but YOU have to develop a firm trust in yourself. If you aren't your biggest fan it's going to be a challenge to persuade others to be. So hit that self-esteem gym and work out those insecurities you may have towards your craft.

Like mentioned in part one, myself, along with many others want to see Hip Hop continue to grow and in order to do that artists within each element need to step their profile up. Especially the MCs.

There's reasons as to why you or someone you know aren't popping in this rap game and hopefully these additional 5 tips will have you on your way to making it.

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