WTH Shea Moisture?!

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First can we address the fake outrage of Shea Moisture expanding their brand? Like really? Did you not see this coming? You do know Shea Moisture is sold at Target right? Easily accessible to wp... but let's digress.

In Shea Moisture's newest ad three women share their hair struggle stories. Seems harmless but what has caused much controversy is that none of these women were black. Black women make up the majority of Shea Moisture's consumers so this ad warranted a side eye. Why not include the people who buy and champion your product in your ad?

Shea Moisture has since pulled the ad and apologize for disrespecting their community but what did this all represent. Well... unfortunately... this Shea debacle was another act of white washing and gentrification. Yes a brand should be able to grow and reach many different audiences but a brand's core audience shouldn't be hidden figures. They too should be championed. The consumer who treats your product as a necessity should never have to take a backseat. Especially within their own community.

The pulling of this ad shows that the voices of women of color can teach lessons and create change. Continue to tell things as they are and never settle for the backseat.

Watch the ad and share your thoughts in the comments below.


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