You love being average?

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The other night I was sitting around with a few hip hop heads and we got to talking. We were talking about how there's some rappers in the game who are very content. In specific, very content with ranking low in skill. How could a rapper love being average?

We all had different artists come to mind and we all agreed on each other's choices. It was crazy. The first artist that was mentioned was Wiz Khalifa. Recently dropping Rolling Papers 2 only confirmed his average rating. Although he booms with charisma and he's living an interesting life, he doesn't wow the masses. Sure he has moments but for the most part Wiz Khalifa isn't being brought up in many people's Top 5.

Another artist mentioned in the room was Snow tha Product. Now I don't know how content she may be about being considered average but she's definitely lived a very average career. Everything is good.. just not amazing ya know? Which made us think of Curren$y. The King of being content. That man can't out rap anyone nor will ever be called the BEST rapper BUT he's cool.

As us hip hop heads rattled off a few other names like Juicy J, Dom Kennedy, Yo Gotti and more we also acknowledged the steady bag that comes with being average. In reality there's far more average people than stars so essentially those shows will always sell out. And nooooo just because you may like one of the artists listed doesn't make you average, that artist may just have a niche. Some like Dom because... who am I kidding.. no one likes Dom but you get what I mean.

There's lots of rappers out here being average and LOVING IT. Who would of thought? Teaches me a lesson to not be so concerned with the best bars and maybe just enjoy the C+ musical ride.

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