About tami
With her new found love for tea and her everlasting passion for urban culture, Tami presents to you Tea with Tami. After graduating from Texas State University and spending years writing music reviews; pushing social equality and being an all-around comic in life, Tami decided to proclaim all that she values at one phenonmenal tea party.

Tami launched Tea with Tami (TWT) July 2016 and since she's broadcasted weekly podcasts, blogs and playlists for everyone to sip. The TWT podcast, dedicates adding spice to topics such as black culture, hip hop and anything else worth sipping.

In addition to the shows, blogs and playlists Tami currently works on whipping up something everyone can wear to support the TWT brand. Stayed tuned on what's created. 

Join Tami at the best online tea party to connect about urban culture and of course all things tea. 

Take TWT on-the-go and follow the brand everywhere below.