Getting In Formation For School

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Starting school can be intimidating. Textbooks, binders and backpacks are waiting on you at the door.  Many expectations are required of you and managing your workload gets harder every year.

Everyone deserves to make it through the semester without wanting to punch a wall or cry. Let me help you ease your mind for what’s to come with 5 ways to get in formation for the new school semester.


1. Evaluate

Take the time to review your previous term. What were the ups? What were the downs? What things could you have done differently? Do you regret not joining that organization? Be the one to determine how your next term goes by building on the great parts of your last term.


2. Get Organized

Save up $20 and go crazy in the stationary section of the dollar store. Invest in a binder for each class, dividers, pencil pouch, highlighters, meal prep tubberware, and whatever else you thought was unnecessary to buy. These things will not only help you limit chaos but make you feel confident in the classroom. You can't tell me nothing when my notes are color coordinated *hair flip*

3. Set Goals

Make a list of things you need to accomplish in the semester. Make that list pretty, make that list known and hold yourself to it. If you go into something knowing exactly what you want, life is a tad bit easier.

 4. Overachieve

In order to be a good student in school you're going to have to do some stuff from time to time.  But in order to be a great student you're going to have to go above and beyond at times. Read your entire syllabus for the semester and get a head start on the reading. You'll thank yourself for it later. Especially when that first-week-of-class extra credit comes in clutch at the end of the semester even though you thought you wouldn't need it.

 5. Be Adventurous

Research joining that organization. Ask around about that cool sounding class. Plan to add some spice into your semester to keep you on your toes. It'll get you hype and looking forward to the year versus dreading it.

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